RoofTek® Cares

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RoofTek® Cares Gets Solar Panels to Those Who Need Them the Most

RoofTek® Cares was formed in 2018 to provide new roofs and/or solar equipment to individuals and families with insurmountable struggles. RoofTek® Cares is a submission based initiative where friends and family may nominate someone in need for consideration.

We help recipients stay afloat and water-tight by removing the financial burden of a much needed roof replacement or solar installation so they can focus on what matters most during their time of need.

  • Teachers
  • Healthcare workers
  • Disabled or injured veterans and first responders
  • Charity foundation buildings and charity workers
  • Conditions of a household member that require long-term and costly care
  • Parents of children with health conditions that require significant financial support to treat cancer, severe heart conditions, etc.

2020 Recipients: The Fullmer Family

In November 2020, RoofTek®, installed free solar panels for a deserving Sandy, Utah family. The Fullmer’s have a couple of challenging years as they cared for their daughter, Claire who suffered from childhood cancer and their youngest daughter, Maggie who was born with a heart defect. The mounting medical bills put the Fullmer’s in a position of not being able to stay on top of their regular financial responsibilities. RoofTek® reached out to them and offered to install free solar panels for their home to help defray their ongoing utility costs.


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